The Grey Rats

The Grey Rats (1918)

Za La Mort (Emilio Ghioen) lives in the countryside with his girlfriend Za La Vie (Kally Sambucini). A day does a good deed by taking with him Leo, an orphan found on the street. This situation, however, the rage against the Rats Grey, a group of criminals in the country, because Leo is in possession of an important black envelope. Released in eight chapters.

Movies Detail of The Grey Rats (1918)

✓ Title : The Grey Rats
✓ Original Title : I topi grigi
✓ Release Date : March 1st, 1918
✓ Genres : Adventure, Crime, Fantasy
✓ Runtime : 320 minutes
✓ Director : Emilio Ghione
✓ Writers : Emilio Ghione, Pio Vanzi
✓ Cast : Ida Carloni Talli, H. Fiorin, Nello Carotenuto, Emilio Ghione, Albert-Francis Bertoni, Alfredo Martinelli, Sig Pasquali, Kally Sambucini

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The Grey Rats

TitleThe Grey Rats
Original TitleI topi grigi
GenresAdventure, Crime, Fantasy
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